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Lobbying materials for HB 2828, the Health Care Study Bill

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RAND study postponed
December 6, 2016
State Senator Michael Dembrow and Representative Barbara Smith Warner, chief sponsors of HB 2828, the bill that funded the RAND study, have announced that the long-awaited RAND report to the Oregon state legislature on health care financing has been delayed until at least mid-January, 2017. 
In examining the first draft of the 100-plus-page report, Dembrow, Smith Warner, and others saw that a number of questions remain, and the report did not yet meet the legislative intent. The RAND researchers will require additional time to address these items, and so the release of the final report is now postponed. For more information, contact Sandra Bean, HCAO Communications Chair

Videos of Oral Testimony from Panelists at the SB631 Hearing

Charlie Swanson
Michael Dembrow
Paul Hochfeld
Jason Freilinger
Nancy Sullivan
Rob Sisk
Jo Ann Hardesty
Tim Roach
Chunhuei Chi
Mark Kellenbeck
Ken Myers
Penny York
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Tom Sincic
Laurie Benicoct

Transcripts of Oral Testimony from Panelists at the SB631 Hearing

 Dr. Chunhuei Chi
Dr. Paul Hochfeld
 Jason Freilinger
 Jo Ann Hardesty
 Ken Myers
 Penny York
 Rob Sisk, SEIU 503 and OPEU
 Dr. Tim F. Roach

Complete List of Written Testimony for the SB 631 Hearing

Recorded video of the entire SB 631 Hearing

Legislative Update as of May, 2015

SB 631, the Health Care for all Oregon Act, was heard by the Senate Health Care Committee on Monday May 4. An HCAO panel of eight spoke at the hearing. Each panelist shared their perspective on the current health care crisis in Oregon and pointed to publicly funded universal health care, as proposed in SB 631, as the answer. The hearing was recorded and is available on line. (You have to go to 8L05 to get past the other bills introduced.)
     HCAO Legislative Committee member Charlie Swanson presented a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation clearly spelling out the realities of health care today and how publicly funded universal health care (SB 631) is clearly the path forward. Charlie emphasized that while SB 631 is a great framework, it is essential for all stakeholders to join in the effort of crafting the best legislation for Oregon. The PowerPoint presentation is available for use by HCAO activists statewide. It is a concise way to communicate the HCAO message and invite others to join us in our effort.  
     Remarks following the hearing from Senator Monnes Anderson, chair of the Senate Health Care Committee, regarding the diversity and quality of the testimony were very positive. Positive comments continue to come from many corners, including our allies and other legislators. The hearing was a significant achievement for the HCAO movement, raising both our visibility and credibility with the legislators and allies.
     HB 2828,the extension and funding of HB 3260, the Oregon Health Care Study bill, passed unanimously out of the House Health Care Committee and was sent to the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services.  A committee work session for HB 2828 is expected in late May or early June. The bill has good support in the committee; a majority of the committee either sponsored the current bill or voted for HB 3260 in 2013. The HCAO Legislative Committee has prepared a HB 2828 messaging piece explaining the bill and the importance of its passage and funding in 2015. This piece will be presented to Joint Ways and Means subcommittee members over the next several weeks. Joint Ways and Means Human Service subcommittee members can be found HERE.  If one of these members is your legislator and you would like to be involved in this important outreach, contact HCAO Legislative Chair Mark Kellenbeck