Advocate for a Local Resolution

Local resolutions from around Oregon

Legislative, Mobilization, and Communications committees can help local groups pass resolutions in their areas. Please contact the Legislative Committee.

HCAO’s strategic plan calls for activists to help pass local resolutions in municipalities, counties, and school boards.

  1. Purpose – Local resolutions can serve the movement in several different ways:
    • A campaign for local resolutions can have powerful effect on local solidarity and enthusiasm among HCAO members and supporters, and help recruit new supporters.
    • Help drive local community awareness of the movement to universal health care.
    • Build relationships with local government officials and staff.
    • Get local governments to support and then activate to call on the state to take action to achieve equitable, comprehensive, affordable, publicly funded, high quality health care system serving everyone in Oregon.
  2. Where should HCAO seek local initiatives? Everywhere in Oregon where activists think it would be useful. The resolutions could be from a city, a county, or an organization.
  3. How to do the campaign –  The most powerful local resolution will involve as many people as possible in the conversation. Convincing a local government to pass a resolution by gathering many signatures (informal, not as a filed initiative) can open dialogue with many. Even better is convincing the local body to put the resolution on the local ballot to involve voters. In a few (but not most) localities, this can be done by initiative petition. Please see Steps to take for a successful campaign.
  4. Content of a resolution – Successful resolutions can be used as templates for further proposed resolutions. It is reasonable to mix and match individual clauses as appropriate. Consider previous resolutions as a model.