Ask Samples

The “ask” isn’t a list of data but an emotional appeal based on a personal experience.

Sample Script for an Emotional Ask

 “I am asking you to donate because, as many of you know, we lost Rosie to heart disease.  This could have been prevented had her medications been affordable to us.  I give so one day, no one will have to choose between food and lifesaving drugs.  HCAO is the group that will do this in Oregon.  They have my faith and my gift.  Please join me and Rosie.” 

Sample Script for a Peer Ask

“First let me thank you for coming here tonight.  Most of you know me. You know that I don’t get up in front of friends very often to make speeches and you know that I rarely ask for favors. But tonight, we’ve just heard about Health Care for All Oregon and their work is something I care about very deeply.  We can help make sure everyone has access to health care.

Tonight, I am making a donation of $xxx and I’m hoping that each of you will do the same or more. There’s a pledge card on your chair (alternate: People are coming around with pledge cards.) Please fill it out and make your gift today. We’ll take checks, cash or credit card donations tonight, or accept your pledge for a donation you’ll send in later. If you still have some questions about Health Care for All Oregon, then please come up and talk to me in person or check the box to request more information on your pledge card.  We promise to get back to you soon. And thank you once again for coming here tonight to learn about Health Care for All Oregon and its critically important work.”