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Save the VA from Privitization

A Forum of Veterans, VA Caregivers and union activists. With special guest, Suzanne Gordon, author of “The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare” to discuss the fight to save the VA from privatization.

As the Trump Administration and majorities in Congress have set their eyes
on dismantling the federal government, the number one target has been the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Step one in the effort to privatize: bust
federal unions. With money pouring in from the Koch brothers, and their front
groups like “Concerned Veterans for America,” nine million veterans who rely
on the VA for their healthcare and their providers are fighting back against the
privatization push!

In this unique coalition, the American Federation of Government Employees,
(AFGE) AFL-CIO, has partnered with other unions, veterans groups and healthcare
advocates to defend the Department of Veterans Affairs from privatization.
The forum will begin with a presentation from Suzanne Gordon, author of “The
Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Policy Making
and Patient Care” and will be followed by a panel with speakers, including
veterans and union activists who will provide specific ways we hope attendees
can join this campaign to Save the VA.