Our work is to bring about equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high quality, publicly-funded health care to everyone in Oregon and the United States. Toward this end, Health Care for All Oregon-Action, a 501c(4), and partner Health Care for All Oregon, a 501c(3), are established to flexibly foster grassroots activism, legislative advocacy, and community education programs. HCAO-Action builds relationships with state-wide constituents, organizations, and legislators to drive policy advocacy and initiatives that move us towards universal affordable and accessible health care.

Gaining universal health care in Oregon will require passage of a ballot measure. HCAO-Action is preparing to lead the fight for passage of a measure on the November 2020 ballot. There are two paths to the ballot: an initiative campaign in which signatures are gathered, or referral to the ballot by the legislature. Our goal is to have this on the November, 2020 ballot.

We know that insurance industry and big pharmaceutical companies will put millions of dollars of your health care dollars into the campaign to stop Oregonians from getting the benefits of universal care: Better Care, To More People, For Less Money

To counter the millions in opposition, we'll need to do three things,

  1. Educate voters throughout Oregon as to the benefits of universal health care and how it will bring Better Care, To More People, For Less Money
  2. Carefully prepare the best possible measure
  3. Raise money and maintain the support of voters when confronted by millions of dollars in opposition

To succeed, we'll need:

  • Volunteers
  • Supporters talking to your friends and neighbors
  • A Campaign team that can run a campaign.

To join in this effort: