Recommended Legislative Constituent Contact Actions

HCAO Legislative update

--Charlie Swanson, HCAO Legislative Chair

The most important item for HCAO-Action in the 2018 session is Mitch Greenlick’s proposed constitutional amendment, HJR 203. Prior to the session, a “yes” vote on Ballot Measure 101 on the January 23 special election is critical--see Health Care Industry Assessment Increase below.

Get Out The Vote!

2018 will provide a marvelous opportunity for Oregon to create a universal health care plan. There are two convergent legislative efforts underway that could result in the legislature presenting a plan to the voters.

·         Rep. Greenlick’s proposed HOPE amendment. See Affordable Health Care as a Fundamental Right below.

·         Rep. Greenlick organized a Universal Access to Health Care work group. chaired by Rep. Andrea Salinas. This work group had its first meeting on January 9 and will submit a report to the legislature no later than November 2018. This report should provide the legislature with “an incremental road map to creating a system of universal and affordable health coverage for all Oregon resident s.”