Member Organization Benefits

Member organizations may

  • Designate a delegate to and participate in HCAO coalition meetings
  • Recommend and nominate members to the HCAO board
  • Recommend members for HCAO committees
  • Elect the HCAO board and officers
  • Recommend HCAO committee chairs
  • Recommend changes to and vote on HCAO’s bylaws
  • Be recognized as an HCAO coalition member on HCAO’s website and selected print materials
  • Link to organization's website from HCAO’s website
  • Publicize organization's health care-related events on HCAO’s website
  • Share your concerns about health care to broaden our collective knowledge
  • Be recognized as a member organization in our annual report and other
  • Help HCAO bring universal, publicly-funded health care to everyone in Oregon and the United States.