1. Check the Website Required information and some materials are listed right here.
  2. Set Specific Objectives (see purposes above) Base this on audience and we can help define. Think specific. e.g. Introduce 10 new persons to HCAO; get 10 new supporters and/or 5 new volunteers; get 3 sustaining members or raise $300.
  3. Set the Date Try to set date based on speaker availability. 
  4. Set the Location
  5. Get Help Ask friends, family members or persons in a local Chapter or group to help.
  6. Set a Guest Target 10 to 50  but if your venue is larger you can host more. Much of this is based on your location and purpose.
  7. Invite Guests Make your invitation list. You should invite at least 2 times as many people as you want to come because there will be no shows.
  8. Create the Invitation Electronic invitation, hand addressed personal note, or an email. (See sample invitation with necessary information). Encourage invitees to bring a friend. Have someone follow up with a phone call to confirm attendance. Send a reminder email to all confirmed guests.
  9. Plan the Agenda (See outline below). Keep it short and sweet, less than two hours. Prepare a simple agenda for the evening including name(s) of speaker (s) and contact information for the host and other group leaders.  Plan the event and the spread that will attract your group--special guests, appetizers,  wine and cheese, pizza and the such are good enticements; include coffee, tea and cookies.
  10. Obtain Materials Some materials can be downloaded and printed at the website.  Talk to the Chapter Chair or area contact or contact the State House Party Coordinator about getting  other written materials, video, etc. and to answer any questions you may have. Merchandise such as T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons may also be available.
  11. Get the Speaker Contact the HCAO Speaker's Bureau to secure a speaker for your event.  There needs to be a primary a speaker even if you are showing a movie or video.

Suggested Set-up

  1. Have a sign-in table with materials
  2. Food spread layout
  3. Chairs
  4. Video projector or other means of showing video