Pre-Party Checklist and Timeline

Days Before Event Activity
45 top 90 days HCAO or host recruits and talks with hosts and co-hosts
Host sets a time and date for the events assigns jobs and agrees on the program. (If planning begins early enough, local vendors like Trader Joes, restaurants, or JaCiva’s Chocolates could be approached for in-kind donations.)
40 days Complete the invitation, envelope and insert designs and arrange for reproduction (if print format). Also, design an electronic invitation format.
21 days Send the invitations with handwritten notes from the HOST/CO-HOSTS. Send first electronic invitation from the HOST/CO-HOST’S (use their e-mail for reply). Use social media platforms to invite guests where appropriate.
16 to 21 days Call or send email reminder to everyone on the guest list for RSVP. Calls must come from someone the guest knows like the host, co-host or host committee.
10 days Send second electronic invitation (inc. confirmation request)
After contacting potential guests who received print invitations, check the number of attendees and deduct about 25% who will probably be no shows.
2 to 4 days Conduct re-confirmation calls and send final e-mail invitation and e-mail confirmation requests. Finalize all signage for the event and double check supply list for needed items like pledge cards, equipment, etc. (See check list)
Day of the event Volunteers should plan to arrive at least an hour early to help prepare for the party, check equipment, etc.
Event +1 to 5 days Send thank you cards, make other follow-up calls, etc. (HCAO staff sends acknowledgements with legal language; host/co-hosts sends thank you cards.)