Sample Agenda

  1. Mingling and getting your plate and drink to start the party (15 minutes).
  2. Host introduces self and welcomes the guests.
  3. Introductions and listening: host asks everyone to briefly share why they came and, if they choose, to share a story about a challenge with the healthcare system.
  4. know. (15 minutes)
  5. Host shares why they are involved with HCAO. (3 minutes)
  6. Introduce speaker.
  7. Discussion of talk or movie and Q & A (30 minutes)
  8. Host or speaker can talk about HCAO as needed: (10 minutes)
    • Better Care. To More People. For Less Money.
    • Structure: HCAO and HCAO-Action
    • Chapter building
    • Legislative timeline
    • Int roduce and sh ow website.
  9. Assess guest readiness to take action--Support, volunteer, or donate.
  10. Pull out cell phones if they have them.  Go to website. Take Action.
  11. Circulate Statements of Support.
  12. Hand out Involvement Opportunity Form for guests to fill out.
  13. Requests for donations—see House Party Fundraising Tip Sheet (5 minutes)
  14. Try to get a volunteer to have the next house party (10 minutes)
  15. Invite guests to stay and talk to speaker and each other
  16. Thank everyone for coming.  Offer handouts and ask attendees to sign the Statement of Support if they haven’t yet