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How to Do Video Interviews About Our Health Care System

Purpose: Gather compelling stories on video that will resonate with viewers and help them see the need for universal healthcare.

Setting: Talking with friends after church, canvassing, sitting next to someone on the bus or plane, handing out literature at a public gathering.

Equipment: Cell phone with camera video function

Possible scripts: 

·     “How easy is it for your family to get the healthcare they need when they need it?”

·     (If they have an accent) ”You sound as though you are from a country with a better healthcare system than we have.”

·     “Hi, I am a grandma, retired nurse, teacher, (other) worried about whether my family and my neighbors will be able to get the health care they need when they need it. Do you have concerns about whether your family will be able to get the care they need in the future?”

·     “Would you be willing to tell me about your experience with our health care system?”

Listen: Accept and acknowledge both the positive and negative comments that the person may have about our health care system. If you think the story would be compelling for others to hear, ask the person if he or she is willing to repeat the story condensed to 1 to 3 minutes.

Video the person (or offer to do the video at a later date): 

·     Find a quiet place with plain, professional, or a cozy appearing background.

·     Ask the person to start out by saying, ”I give permission for Health Care For All Oregon to use my story for educational purposes.”

·     Hold the cell phone horizontally, not vertically.

·     Click on the camera icon 

·     Have a person look directly into the camera with the face slightly to the right of center and occupying two thirds of the vertical height of the frame. 

·     Let the person’s eyes be at the division of the upper and middle third of the frame

·     Press the video button (usually red and round, becoming square when activated)

·     If the person “stumbles” or needs to start over, continue the video. We can edit.

·     Give reassurances with your body language as the person speaks

Thank the person:offer to send him or her a link to the video and invite to our meetings.  

Establish a YouTube account:

View this video on how to establish a YouTube account (link,

Establish Youtube account.

·     Upload your video either directly from your cell phone to YouTube or to your computer and then to YouTube.

·     Label your video ”Private”.

·     Enter your video url in the Photo or Video URL window in the Submissions form above. 

Pat yourself on your back for becoming a movie producer😊😊.

Here is an impromptu video (link of a young woman from Brazil encountered on her way to Fall Festival in Corvallis.  The HCAO advocate noticed her accent and said, “You sound like a person from a country with a better health care system than ours”.   Her story confirmed his guess.   Critique: He should have held the camera horizontally and positioned her a bit to the right.  Her smile and enthusiasm were contagious.

  February 5, 2019