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Why Table?

One of the most effective ways to talk to people about the HCAO mission and healthcare as a human right or single payer on the street or during an event is by Tabling. Tabling makes it possible for you to make an important contribution to the movement to improve health care in Oregon. Tabling creates an opportunity for one-on-one conversation so we can listen to people's health care stories, share information, and ask for supporters and volunteers to take action.

The purpose of all HCAO events, including Tabling, is to advance the mission and work by growing our grassroots movement to:

  1. Build Relationships
  2. Increase Awareness of the mission and work of HCAO
  3. Find supporters and volunteers


By a person or group familiar with the objectives and tabling procedures who support HCAO’s mission and would like to share that mission with others in an effort to promote awareness and/or involvement.  The person can organize a group..


Wherever you can set up a table or stand with a clipboard in a public space, at a meeting, or event.  


There are continuous opportunities of time and location throughout the state.


It's easy for you to share information about HCAO and get people involved using resources below.