Worse Health Outcomes, We're #23!

A common misconception is that, while expensive, US health care is the best in the world. That's simply not true:

  • Longevity
    • US ranks 23rd in longevity
    • Folks in Spain and Italy live 4.5 years longer than people in the US, Israel 3.5 years longer.
  • Infant mortality
    • US ranks 30th in neonatal and infant mortality out of the 35 OECD countries
    • US newborns are 4 times more likely to die in their first month as newborns from Iceland or Japan, and twice as likely to die as those from Slovenia, Estonia and Czech Republic.
  • Maternal mortality
    • US ranks 30th in maternal mortality
    • US mothers are over 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy and delivery as mothers in Poland, Greece and Czech Republic.
  • Non-communicable diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc)
    • US ranks 28th in premature mortality
    • Americans aged 15 to 60 are twice as likely to die from non-communicable diseases as are citizens of Spain.

    Speaking of Cost

    And to get these inferior outcomes, the US spends 5 times as much per person as Estonia, 4 times Greece and Czech Republic, and twice as much as Iceland and Japan.